Falling in Love with Omega-3 Fish Oil All Over Again

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Falling in Love with Omega-3 Fish Oil All Over Again

I’ve been a huge advocate for supplementing human and pet diets with fish oil. I wrote about it in my long-ago famous pregnancy books, in my books The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible and talked about it on the air on DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!) and Holistic Vets. I always explained how the fish oil had to be from companies using ecologically correct and freshest sources, properly produced and never packaged in plastic bottles.

You’d think I would practice what I preach. I had taken the supplements forever myself and had my last generation of dogs on it. But then I got lazy [and decided to make a very stupid economic decision] and decided my young dogs didn’t need it — and I was doing fine, too.

Then my Significant Other mentioned his really creaky sore knees [from skiing, running, biking and golfing!) and I started to give him glucosamine with MSM and omega-3 fish oil caps twice a day. He was no proponent of supplements and had no confidence they would make any difference — he thought I was making an empty claim. Until two weeks later when, to his utter amazement, he reported that it no longer hurt to walk the golf course carrying his bag — and that going downstairs no longer hurt. .

I was sold all over again. I started myself back on the fish oil, and immediately purchased fish oil for Maisie and Wanda from a small company, IcelandPure — mostly because they used small body fish and I was impressed that they eschewed the cheaper plastic bottles and sell theirs only in lovely aluminum bottles, preserving the freshness as it should be. High standards based on science — that cut into profits — who wouldn’t support a decision like that!?

My 5-year-old Weimaraner Maisie has some serious problems with her back — discs that are in bad shape — and both dogs have been shedding a bit more than I’d like and the shine isn’t what it should be on their coats.

With all those variables that the fish oil should address, I’m looking forward to reporting visible results soon! I expect that all of our hair to get shinier, our joints to get happier, and all the invisible benefits to heart and brain will follow right along.

—Tracie Hotchner

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