Happy Spring!

Colorful Orvis collars on Maisie and Wanda

Happy Spring!

To those of you who don’t live in the North or Northeast, you may not realize how eager (desperate?!) we are to see a glimmer of Spring. All the pastel colors of Easter presumably await us, but we get teased by only a few hints: the little purple faces of crocuses poking up their noses out of the once-frozen ground, a few blades of green grass lurking on the shriveled memory of a lawn. It is torture waiting for cheerful colors to emerge when the nights and mornings are still too cold for perennial plants to burst into color, amazing us with their resilience.

Imagine how foolish we feel, standing expectantly beside our forsythia bushes (even though we know a “watched pot never boils”), waiting for a glimpse of yellow to brighten the otherwise colorless garden.

And then imagine my delight to discover a vast rainbow of new dog collars from Orvis — two-toned bursts of color to herald in Spring, floral tidings on the necks of my dogs. Being a fan of All Things Pink, it’s little wonder that I bought the pink (with aqua border) for both Maisie and Wanda, even though there were many other wonderful choices. The bonus was that their names and my phone number are tastefully embroidered right on them — and the plastic clip closure makes it easy to smoothly pop their necklaces off at night because they like to sleep in the nude.

Wherever you live, I recommend treating yourself to a downright cheerful new collar, letting your dogs bring a splash of spring to your garden as they run outside your windows.

—Tracie Hotchner
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