Space Dogs — a Darling Little Book

SpaceDogs by Martin Parr

Space Dogs — a Darling Little Book

Space Dogs: The Story of the Celebrated Canine Cosmonauts (photos by Martin Parr, text by Richard Hollingham) is a fascinating little book about the period during the Cold War when the Russian space program sent dogs into space.  Never to return.

The book is filled with photos and images of memorabilia relating to the still-remembered cosmonaut dogs — Laika, Belka, Strelka and others — who became extraordinarily famous at the time. They were also mourned for their unwitting sacrifice. These dogs were shot into space with no intention of ever bringing them back to earth.

Space Dogs (Interior Page, Laika, First Space Hero) - 740w

There’s actually a gem of a small film in the “Animated Canines” collection of the ON DEMAND Collection of the NY Dog Film Festival which is a tribute to Laika and the other pooches.

Check out the book for a trip back in time — and for a modern look backwards, download the Animated Canines (100% of proceeds goes to Michelson Found Animals) to watch at home.

—Tracie Hotchner

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Space Dogs (Front Cover)