Two Little “Monkey Dogs” Give Paws Up to dailydose Dental Chews

dailydose Calming Dental Chews

Two Little “Monkey Dogs” Give Paws Up to dailydose Dental Chews

I have a friend who is a holistic veterinarian who used to rescue retired racing Greyhounds — sometimes three at a time(!) which meant that dental issues were always a huge concern for her, as Greyhounds from the track have notoriously poor dental health.

Now she has become a Mom to two Affenpinschers (often called “monkey dogs” because of their lively antics), whom she adopted because they each had serious health issues—heart and liver, although under her loving care they have both become models of good health. However, one of them has the bad luck to have bad teeth and gums—this can actually happen with any individual (person, cat or dog) and means that keeping their mouths free of tartar and plaque is essential to keeping them healthy (and keeping their teeth!)

She has tried various dental chews and dental products, including daily brushing, but none satisfied her needs. In the meantime, she got a six-month-old Standard Poodle she wanted to train as an assistance dog—and wanted to make sure his teeth remained sparkly white.

When my friend heard on my show about the new dental chews called dailydose, she was eager to try them for all three dogs. She got the chews, her dogs were crazy about them (even the Poodle, who is picky picky picky) and in no time, she saw a marked improvement in the teeth of the Affenpinscher who has the bad teeth. All the dogs preferred the Calming variety, and she was glad for a little peace and quiet after the chews went down the hatch!

However one of the dogs has allergies, as does my friend, who is hypersensitive to gluten, dairy, and a variety of other ingredients. She shouldn’t touch it or even breathe it. She was concerned about what the “biopolymer fibers” were that removed the biofilm. The company told me the fibers are from cellulose—but then I had to ask the origin of the cellulose since it could be wheat, corn, or other allergens.

Both my friend and I were relieved and impressed that dailydose came back with the following information about the cellulose, which is “from fibrous part plants which do not contain the following allergens: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanut nuts, soybeans, mustard, sesame, sulphites.”

What struck me was not only how careful the company is in sourcing ingredients, but the diversity of elements to which many people can be allergic, even to life-threatening levels.

It was nice timing for my vet friend that my listeners can get a once-per-customer $3 discount off any bag of dailydose — Joint, Heart, Skin or Calming directly from Enter the promo code RPL3 (no spaces, all caps) at checkout. Free shipping if you spend a minimum of $25.

—Tracie Hotchner

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