Why VECTRA 3D is Better Against Dog Ticks

Why VECTRA 3D is Better Against Dog Ticks

I am pretty concerned about ticks since all my dogs run free in fields and forests every day — which are crawling with ticks — and each has tested positive for a different tick-borne disease. So I am grateful that Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins — my co-host on Cat Chat works for the French company CEVA that makes the newest topical “anti-tick potion” called Vectra 3D. Elizabeth is one of the most honest, moral people I know, so I immediately trust the company which makes Vectra 3-D and has tested its safety extensively. My dogs had not been getting good protection from other anti-tick products and I needed reliable protection — beginning with repelling the ticks so they can’t even get a chance to attach. People in my audience have been worried about whether the repellent ingredient in Vectra 3D — is dangerous to their pets. Dr. Elizabeth put my mind at rest and now that all my dogs are Vectra 3D dogs — they can safely run through fields of ticks — that leave them alone!

Few dogs react to the active ingredient Permethrin, but clearly some do — just as some will react to virtually any other product. The thing about Permethrin is its high potency and repellent properties for ticks — properties that other popular products do not have. There is a reason that it is used to “tick-proof” soldier’s uniforms and to “mosquito-proof” netting in places where ticks are such a problem and a threat to human life. Permethrin is almost always the active ingredient of choice for these purposes. In studies, the big problem with other tick products was that the potency fell off before the end of the month. With Vectra 3D they also saw more rapid and thorough “tick kill” at the beginning of the month against most tick species. Remember: Do not use Vectra 3D on cats.

As Dr. Elizabeth explains, localized reactions are not a consistent problem. The important thing to remember is that every health care product out there, from antihistamines and laxatives to antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs can (and have) caused reactions in the target species (pets, livestock and/or humans). There are no exceptions to this rule. We use these drugs anyway, despite the small amount of risk involved, when the benefit outweighs the overall risk. In the case of Permethrin, its effectiveness against key debilitating and even fatal human and pet diseases is so great, and the risk of serious reaction to the treated animal is so small, it is obviously an excellent active ingredient for preventing tick-transmitted diseases. The efficacy and safety studies of all of Vectra’s products are available on the company’s website.

–Tracie Hotchner

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