No Vaccinations. What are Dog Travel Requirements?

Dog in suitcase, ready for travel
Dog in suitcase, ready for travel
Dog in suitcase, ready for travel

Hi Tracie,

Thank you for being such an advocate for the four legged loves of our lives.

I was listening to your informative program regarding avoiding re-vaccinations for dogs. I have a one year old Shih Tzu and am concerned about her being over-vaccinated. We also take her on airplanes with us and have to get a health certificate prior to the trip to show the airline, along with her shot record. Will there be an issue taking her on the plane with us if she does not have her shots or can the Vet simply note that vaccinations are not needed?

Thank you for your input and your love of dogs and cats!


So I told her:

The answer depends on the airline if you’re staying within the U.S. — a letter from your vet stating that she has done blood titre levels which show your dog’s immunity would be acceptable to some airlines. You need to be very clear about airline policy ahead of time and even have a letter from someone at the airline since dog travel requirements can be bent or interpreted differently by a dozen different representatives.

If you’re traveling out of the country it’s tough because foreign countries each have their requirements and concerns Do your homework and get everything in writing beforehand — you don’t want a crisis in the airport on departure!

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–Tracie Hotchner

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