Angela’s Little Angels Looking For Small Breed Food

Lola and Sara
Lola and Sara

Angela from Ukiah California wrote to me recently, asking my advice about what I would recommend as a higher quality kibble for her little Yorkshire Terriers. I jumped at the chance to tell her about Halo’s new small breed food, which is formulated to fit into tiny little mouths, and also meet the special nutritional needs of toy breed dogs. Angela sent me a photo of her tiny little girls, and boy what a cute pair they are — I especially love their light and breezy hairdos! Lola in the background is only 4 lbs. and her daughter Sarah (at a whopping 6 lbs.) is always front and center in any photo (and also in life, too, Angela confided to me!) I’m looking forward to sending Angela a sample of Halo’s small breed food so she can see the big smile on their darling little faces when they have their first crunch of this tasty, healthy kibble. And Angela can feel safe and proud to feed it to them, because it is made with real meat, without any rendered products, meals, by-products or chemicals, none of which she wants to be inside their little tummies!

Her question to me happened to come the same week that on my radio show with Dr. Donna (THE EXPERT VET on Dr. Spector cautioned against feeding a totally homemade diet without professional assistance. There are nutritional needs that a complete and balanced premium dog food covers in their formula which would be lacking in an unsupplemented homemade diet. I know of many owners of toy breeds who think feeding just chicken breast, for example, to their dogs is a nice diet. Sadly, feeding this way with the best of intentions can cause physical harm because of a lack of the right balance of calcium, fat, vitamin D and other elements that are supplied in prepared pet foods. Basically, Dr. Donna said a dog will be well-nourished if someone home feeding includes a premium commercially prepared a pet food that is “complete and balanced” for at least 50% of their pet’s diet. That’s what I hope Lola and Sarah have to look forward to!

Please listen to the podcast of the show that is up on the website now ( but in a nutshell Dr. Donna recommended that if you home cook you should consider feeding at least half the meal from a ready-made pet food, or get supplementation organized by a certified veterinary nutritionist, as she recommends to all owners and veterinarians desiring home prepared foods. Dr. Donna recommends a consultation with a nutritionist at U.C. Davis Veterinary School in California, or Dr. Sean Delaney, who taught at the university for ten years. He is the co-host of another Radio Pet Lady Network show, PET FOOD ADVISORS on Thursday nights, and his company provides precisely this service of calculating individual nutritional needs and even supplying the supplementation.

–Tracie Hotchner