Be Thankful for HALO and What Makes it Different

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Halo, Purely for Pets Logo
Halo, Purely for Pets

On a day that we devote to eating with and celebrating Family, it’s a good time to give thanks that with Halo pet foods, we can feed our four-legged family members with the same loving attention we give to our human family’s meal. But we need to be mindful that Halo has become something rare that we need to protect with our loyalty to them — we must continue supporting a small, private company that is dedicated to quality ingredients and an ethical commitment to the shelter community in partnership with by being enthusiastic customers. I don’t know if you have noticed that there seem to be fewer and fewer pet food companies that are still in private hands and remain true to a set of values about what ingredients they will not accept in their foods — a dwindling number of companies that proudly hold themselves to the high nutritional standards for which Halo has become renowned. It has been discouraging to watch the smaller, super-premium pet food companies being sold (and sometimes having “sold out”) to big multinational corporations, after they worked so hard to earn our trust in their recipes and standards. Once a pet food becomes part of a huge corporation that sells products across many platforms — with “pet” being just a small cog in their wheel — it changes the mission and commitment to pet health and wellness that we once admired about these pet food companies and can still do with Halo.

Halo remains a private enterprise, partly owned by animal-lover and welfare advocate Ellen Degeneres. This means so much in a landscape of pet food companies that have been gobbled up by the Bigger Fish in the sea. Halo remains dedicated to clear values about the quality they insist upon for their foods and their transparency and pride in those standards. They really care that your pets have delicious healthy foods that contribute to their wellness — and for that we can give thanks — today, and every day.

–Tracie Hotchner