Former Cat Chat Listen Finds Radio Pet Lady Network

Here’s an email from a lady truck driver who used to listen to CAT CHAT when it was on SiriusXM satellite radio:

I have been away from the road and my truck for a while, and since I’m back  I’m in shock that CAT CHAT is no longer on SiriusXM and I cannot find Dr. Shawn the Natural Vet  either.  What happened??? Is the earth not spinning the right way??? Me, my Simon, and Mitzi are speechless. I have been searching like crazy to find you and the animals and I are so so sad because we thought we had lost our best friend.  Please tell me you are still on the air somewhere!

With love and whisker kisses,
From Trudy, Simon, and Mitzi

I got in touch with Trudi and told her about my new Radio Pet Lady Network and all the ways to listen.

Oh, my gosh, Tracie, thank you!!! The animal kingdom can rest easy tonite!! I will be taking my mobile device on the road so I can tune in. thank you both sooo much!!

Trudy Simon and Mitzi