HALO and the Expert Vet team up for Healthy Weight Challenge!

Fritz, taking the Weight Loss Challenge

HALO and THE EXPERT VET team up for the Healthy Weight Challenge!
Guest Blog by Dr. Donna Spector

Fritz, taking the Weight Loss Challenge
Fritz, taking the Weight Loss Challenge

The first overweight participant has been enrolled in the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge on THE EXPERT VET of the RADIO PET LADY NETWORK. All participants in the challenge will be eating the Halo Healthy Weight holistic dog food. This Halo healthy kibble gets a “Paws Up! dog food review” from Tracie Hotchner’s own Scooby Doo, who loves and stays slim on it.

Meet Fritz–he is a young Lab Mix, a dog from a crowded Southern rescue, who found his forever home in Golden’s Bridge, New York with Holly. He also found the “buffet table” at Holly’s house! In just 8 months he blossomed from his ideal body weight of 40 pounds to a hefty overweight of 50 pounds. This 10 pounds of weight gain is 25% of his body weight and pushes him into the danger zone of obesity. To state it another way–on an average 150 pound woman this would equal a weight gain of 37.5 pounds in 8 months–yikes!

After some investigating, we found Fritz had been taking in 50% more calories than he should have been to maintain his svelte 40 pound figure! Once we identified the problem feeding areas, we started Fritz on a new Halo meal plan which actually allows him MORE food every day than what he had been eating–but for far fewer calories!

We substituted Halo’s new Healthy Weight Turkey & Duck Recipe to provide a kibble with less of a calorie punch while still providing excellent well balanced nutrition–with the highest quality wholesome natural ingredients that Halo is known for. We added some canned Wholesome Chicken Spot’s Stew and included some fresh veggies–both carrots and zucchini–to round out Fritz’s diet plan.

Fritz is loving his new food! Stay tuned for Fritz’s progress every week!

–Dr. Donna Spector

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