Halo is the Best Pet Food for Putting it “In The Bag”

Halo, Purely for Pets Logo
Halo, Purely for Pets Logo
Halo, Purely for Pets

I just want to give a really heartfelt shout-out to HALO because they always step up to support the do-good gatherings for pets. They are right there, front and center, whenever there is an event to raise awareness and funds for a pet-related cause and their participation can make a difference.

Any time I get involved in a pet adoption event (like the recent one with Pepe Infiniti at the Westchester Mall in August), HALO is so generous to supply delicious samples for the doggy bags. At these fund-raising and awareness-building events, the people who come really appreciate receiving a goody bag with things for their dogs and cats. Halo is always right by my side in the giveaway bag at these events, which allows me to explain to people the differences in Halo’s ingredients and their healthy philosophies about food and about “giving back” to the pet rescue community.

Just recently I had the opportunity to invite HALO to put some goodies in the doggy for a grass roots Hollywood event for Dogs for the Deaf called Hollywood 2 — with Betty White (who herself is an astounding energetic presence at so many animal-related cause events) and Oscar-winner Marlee Matlin as the most sparkling of the many celebrities. As a representative for Radio Pet Lady Network, our pet talk radio network, Dr. Patrick Mahaney was there — my co-host on CAT CHAT® & DOG TALK®. He is a Los Angeles based house call acupuncturist holistic vet who has quite a few celebrity clients already, but I am sure many more fell under his charm at this event. And all of them were thrilled to find HALO goodies in their doggy bags, because HALO is so identified with the rescue and shelter pet world and the service dogs for deaf people are all rescued from shelters before being trained and then placed with people who need that extra pair of ears to make their lives safer.

–Tracie Hotchner

P.S. Halo’s own Dr. Donna Spector (and my beloved co-host on THE EXPERT VET) has written so much for HALO, and especially about their devotion to animals in shelters. Here’s a good one from her: halopets.com/pet-education/pet-articles/why-adopt-a-shelter-pet.html