Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: Successful Week 10!

Faith, on Halo's Healthy Weight Loss Challenge

Faith, on Halo's Healthy Weight Loss ChallengeHalo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: Back To A Successful Week 10!

Guest blog by Dr. Donna Spector

True to form—after no weight loss during weeks 8 and 9—Faith weighed in with a loss of 1.2 pounds this week. She is now 61.4 pounds—way to go Faith!

Faith’s mom often feels she is on a weight loss roller coaster but I encourage her to recognize this as the way Faith’s body loses weight. Although Faith has a weekly weight loss target, it is always best to look at the bigger picture of weight loss over several weeks.

Although weight loss is our goal, if the pounds are coming off slowly a dog owner may need to change their focus to improving health instead of just chasing a number every week on the scale. Not necessarily “how long will it take?” but rather “think of how much better my dog will feel”. Slow and steady wins this race!

I just received this email from Faith’s mom:

“I really appreciate all that you and Halo are doing for Faith. She is acting like a young pup again! Her happiness makes my heart very happy! The pet sitter noticed her increased activity too. It’s fun to see her zooming around!”

Check back in 2 weeks for Faith’s final weigh-in!

Faith is the second participant enrolled in the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge on THE EXPERT VET of the RADIO PET LADY NETWORK. Faith is eating a specially designed meal plan of Halo Healthy Weight natural dog food and extra fruits and veggies to help her get back to a thin and trim weight.

Halo is a sponsor on Radio Pet Lady Network, by our invitation.