Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge — FRITZ NEVER KNEW LOSING COULD TASTE SO GOOD — Week 2 Report!

Fritz enjoying the snow

Healthy Weight Challenge: Fritz never knew losing could taste so good (Week 2 report!)
Guest Blog by Dr. Donna Spector

Fritz enjoying the snow
Fritz enjoying the snow

Fritz is the first participant enrolled in the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge on THE EXPERT VET of the RADIO PET LADY NETWORK.  All participants in the challenge will be eating the Halo Healthy Weight holistic dog food which is lower calorie than their original kibble but still great Halo quality.  Fritz’s owner, Holly states that Fritz has given Halo’s Healthy Weight Turkey & Duck Recipe his “paw of approval” dog food review.

Fritz has dropped an astounding 1.7 pounds this week and is down from 50 pounds to 47.5 pounds in just 2 weeks! His owner reports he is more energetic… but her concern is that he exerts most of that energy looking for food. Hunger pangs and the constant dreaming and searching for food is not an uncommon problem in the dieter — be it two — or four-legged!

Weekly Weight Loss Tip: Last week we mentioned the addition of some low calorie zucchini to cut the hunger. Another great tip is to sprinkle a teaspoon of non-fat shredded cheese on the zucchini or some of your dog’s daily allotted kibble and put it in the microwave for a few second to melt it. Put it in a food dispensing toy — such as a Kong or Buster Cube (there are many of these toys available) — and watch a 30 second treat or meal turn into a 30 minute licking and chewing frenzy! For really hungry dogs you can feed their entire food ration from food dispensing toys for extra satisfaction. You can even add the element of hide and seek with the toys so your dog has to hunt and forage for their meal.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fritz!

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