Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: The Dreaded Plateau of Weeks 8 & 9

Faith, on Halo's Healthy Weight Loss Challenge

Faith, on Halo's Healthy Weight Loss ChallengeHalo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: The Dreaded Plateau of Weeks 8 & 9

Guest blog by Dr. Donna Spector

Faith has definitely exhibited a distinct pattern of weight loss over the past 9 weeks—she will lose 1 or 2 pounds and then plateau for a couple of weeks.

My experience with owners of overweight dogs on a weight loss program is that they become concerned, disheartened or frustrated when they don’t see results on the scale every single week. It can test even the best owners “stick-to-itiveness” when they are following strict feeding guidelines and limiting treats and not getting positive feedback from the dreaded scale. If this sounds like you, do not lose hope!

What I have found with pudgy pooches is that the plateau is a common part of the weight loss process and every dog (person too!) loses weight differently. Some lose quickly and easily and others seem to struggle with every pound. Although I have given Faith a weekly weight loss goal, it is best to always look at the big picture. I know that Faith’s mom has been sticking to the plan—because she keeps an excellent journal!—so it is best to wait a little before considering another major calorie cut or diet adjustment as this plateau is the way Faith’s body normally loses weight.

For a dog on a diet, a good rule-of-thumb is to consider a change in the plan if weight loss has not occurred for 4 weeks in a row. First, look at the calories and consider a further restriction. It is also reasonable to consider changing to a different type of food. Although a high-protein/low-calorie food like Halo Healthy Weight is a great first choice, some dogs will do better on a higher fiber diet or some other type. Ask your veterinarian for help with this decision if your current plan is not working.

I have faith in Faith—check back next week to see if she has lost more or if we need to further adjust her food plan to get her back on track!

Faith is the second participant enrolled in the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge on THE EXPERT VET of the RADIO PET LADY NETWORK. Faith is eating a specially designed meal plan of Halo Healthy Weight natural dog food and extra fruits and veggies to help her get back to a thin and trim weight.

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