Halo’s Liv-a-Littles: Best Cat Treats Versus All Others!

Pet360.com Health Pack for Cats
Pet360.com Health Pack for Cats
Health Pack for Cats

What if you had all the premium cat treats in the world to choose from? And you wanted to choose just one to make part of a very special grouping of cat products to highlight as The Best of the Best? That’s what they wanted to do at Pet360 to pre-select some of their finest products to make life simpler for pet owners. They call these groupings “bundles” and I really liked the idea of bringing them to the attention of my listeners on the radio. But when I found the Health Pack for Cats, I was really extra excited, because there was Halo’s dehydrated pure chicken breast Liv-a-Littles chosen from all the others as the treat par excellence?!

Just recently, the very nice online pet community Pet360.com joined the Radio Pet Lady Network as a sponsor of DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS, one of our pet talk radio shows. I was exploring their online forums and blogs to discover what was there, which was when I came upon what they call a “bundle” for cats — a grouping of really special products they sifted out from all the products they offer to call attention to it for pet parents who may be overwhelmed by all the choices facing them. The Pet360 bundles take the pressure off one more decision you have to make — because they have done it for you. I already knew what a good company and great services Pet360 has for dog and cat owners, but my opinion was raised a few more notches when I saw that Halo Liv-a-Littles were front and center of the special cat bundle. See the Health Pack for Cats for yourself!

While you’re at it, take a moment to register at Pet360.com and get access to their excellent information and advice (three of their bloggers are members of the Radio Pet Lady team as my co-hosts: Paris from Dogtipper.com, Dr. V from Pawcurious and Dr Patrick Mahaney!) Why not take advantage of their Halo-centric Health Pack for cats, too?!

–Tracie Hotchner