I Want to Share a Feel Good Feeling!

I felt so good about watching a new video encouraging pet adoption that I wanted to spread the good cheer and urge you to take a look, too!

Halo Pet Foundation teamed up with the Ad Council, The Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund® to create an online video series called “Meet My Shelter Pet.” The videos are timed to coincide with National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. The one I saw features legendary music man and David Letterman band leader, Paul Shaffer, with his daughter Victoria showing off the lovable personalities of their four adopted dogs, Riley, Jake, Echo and Rue. And what a handsome and cheerful pack they are!

You really should give yourself a treats and watch these videos from The Shelter Pet Project — they make you smile and get tears in your eyes at the same time — you cannot believe that such wonderful animals were once discarded or even mistreated.

The videos showcase the special love that we have with pets we get from shelters. In this video, Paul Shaffer and his daughter do a great job of sharing their joy with the gorgeous, funny, happy dogs they were lucky enough to find from among the thousands of amazing shelter pets that are out there, ready for us to find them and give them their forever homes.

I feel pretty lucky myself — not just because I have three wonderful shelter dogs myself, but because I am a partner in education and outreach with both Halo Purely for Pets and with the Humane Society of the United States (their CEO, Wayne Pacelle, and I have a weekly podcast called “Humane Talk” on HSUS.org that will also soon be on my own Radio Pet Lady Network (RadioPetLady.com). The Halo Foundation supported this video series and I hope that when you shop online at Halopets.com, as I do, that you will consider throwing a few bucks in the “online jar” they have for donations for their charitable efforts — and every single dollar goes directly to those efforts, by the way.

Happy watching!
Tracie Hotchner