Puppy Crate Training — Look On The Positive Side!

Puppy in Her Crate
Puppy in Her Crate
Puppy in Her Crate

Six Ways to Create Positive Associations with the Crate.

1) Put a Halo Liv-a-Little treat into the middle of the crate and say “In your house” in a high cheery voice to train her to go in happily.

2) Give the puppy lots of praise for going in the crate. Never put the pup in the crate as a form of punishment. Being put in there when you are cross or frustrated doesn’t teach her anything, and it turns the crate into something negative.

3) Feed the puppy her Halo Puppy Spot’s Stew in the crate because food gives the crate a positive association. If she won’t go all the way in to eat, put the dish inside the opening of the crate so the puppy has to at least put her head inside to eat! Once she will go all the way in to eat, close the door while she’s eating but stay right there with her. Remember that she’ll need to go outside immediately to eliminate after eating so get ready to take her right out (and when she does her business outside, grab the container of Liv-a-Little protein treats (chicken, salmon or beef) on your way out so you can lavishly praise and treat her right away once she eliminates.

4) Ignore crying. If the puppy cries or whines, ignore it completely. Most puppies will quit within ten minutes, as long as they get no reaction from their people, negative or positive.

5) If a dog or puppy doesn’t bark when first put in the crate, give her lots of praise and even a couple of pieces of tiny Healthsome Cat Treats to reinforce her quietness.

6) Wait until the puppy is tired to put the puppy into the crate. Doing it after she’s tuckered out from playing and ready to crash makes her welcome her den, not resent it.

–Tracie Hotchner

photo credit: ashley.adcox via photopin cc

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