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I think that dogs and cats in their cages at shelters believe in Santa — and hope in their hearts, that St. Nicholas will bring them the only thing they really want and need: a loving family to call their own forever. At least many of them across the country can look forward to some delicious holiday meals thanks to Halo and which launched their third annual Holiday Kibble Drop, beginning in Raleigh and wrapping up in Los Angeles.

I think that the homeless animals spending their holidays behind bars still can dream — they can be inspired by their dinners of Halo food to try to imagine a very different sort of life, with people who cherish them, a warm bed of their own and two fine meals a day — preferably a premium brand of kibble like Halo, which my own dogs get! I Meanwhile, they will have full bellies of Halo fine foods to make them feel and look better, too.

I cannot even imagine all the moving pieces that are necessary to accomplish Halo’s goal of delivering 500,000 meals of healthy Halo Spot’s Stew to shelters and rescues in 12 cities. In each town, a local pet retailer that carries Halo products has generously agreed to be the pick-up point for the local shelters and rescues chosen to receive the free food for the holidays.

I wish I could be there at each stop to see all the happy faces of the staff and volunteers from the rescues who come to pick up the healthy Halo foods — and I’d especially like to see what it’s like back at the shelter when the food arrives for the animals, who are sadly spending their holidays in a shelter, hoping to be chosen by an adoptive family.

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Halo, Purely for Pets

Halo and work together every day of the year on behalf of homeless pets and donate more than 1.5 million meals a year to homeless pets. If you are inspired to get involved, here’s where you can get more information:


–Tracie Hotchner