The Pig Pet Idea Project: Plausible or Unimaginable?

pig in water, leaning against boat

pig in water, leaning against boat

The Pig Pet Idea Project: Plausible or Unimaginable?

Guest Blog: Jordan Walker admires people who have the guts to keep exotic pets in their homes. He loves sharing tips on how to be a better pet parent at Coops And Cages and in blogs such as this one. In this article, he will be discussing getting a pig as a pet.

Oink, oink, oink inside the house over a meow, meow, meow, or an arf, arf, arf? When you think you’ve seen people buying expensive pets as an additional member to their families, now the meal you usually eat on your plate could also be made into a pet. George Clooney and Miley Cyrus do make it look like it is very easy to have a pet pig. But will you be able to grow in love with this unusual pet just like you would when looking into the eyes of a furry canine or feline pal?

How Are Pigs As Pets?

Choosing a pet is a combination of finding the right personality match, excelling in the intelligence test, and of course, the social test where this will is expected to win miss or mister congeniality award. Will the pet pig be able to pass all with flying colors? Here are some of their known positive characteristics:

people with their pet pigs

  1. They can get along with other pets. If you have seen a picture of a dog and a cat snuggling together in their sleep, can you imagine a mini pig having the same affectionate relationship with your own cat or dog. Probably not, but it’s not impossible. Pigs can be very friendly and will easily make friends with the other pets inside the house. And with them, it usually is a two-sided relationship. Other pets just can’t help but love them.
  2. Have a happy personality. They are not so complicated and do not have the same type of snobbish personality compared to some cat breeds. Pigs know how to have a great time. Playing could be one of the things that they love to do. With this said, be ready for a little adventure yourself too. They will keep you up on your toes.
  3. Smarter than you think. Whoever said that they are nothing but stinky animals that are best butchered for some tasty ham? Did you know that they could be litter trained too? And you thought that toddlers toggling with the computer are pretty impressive. Wait until you see a pig sneak up and pull a trick at you. Try teaching it to do usual dog tricks such as play dead, fetch, and bow before an audience. You might be in for a big surprise.
  4. Have the runway strut. Miniature dogs usually carried by the fashionable ladies are usually dressed in matching outfits with that of the owner. Bet a mini pig can’t do it in style? Well, they have just the right strut and putting on a colorful headband or a girly tutu skirt is as easy as a girl wearing a red lipstick or a black dress.
  5. Better than a backstabbing friend. You can never really tell is a friend is indeed a true friend until they stab you right at the back. And even if they don’t now, the chances of getting into a conflict will always be there. But not with a pig. A pet pig will love you for what you have (and what you don’t), and even accept you even when you have the unusual habit of putting too much pepper in the soups you cook even if the other people in the house hate it.
  6. Can sense danger. Several accounts have been reported where pigs were able to save the lives of their owners. If you want a hero on board, get and train a pig. This can potentially save you in the events of heart attack, fire burglary, and drowning. Don’t discount the snorting. It’s not a useless being. If you need a guard pet, a pig as a pet could also make as a good guard pig.
  7. Will never be a picky eater. Staying healthy is impossible for someone who only chooses to eat certain types of foods. Some dog owners report that their pets are picky eaters. Well, it’s a pig. It usually eats anything just as long as it’s edible.
  8. Knows how to enjoy finer things. Planning on taking a vacation on one of the exotic beaches at the Bahamas? Take along your pet pig with you. It knows how to enjoy tanning like a real bikini babe and comes close to Michael Phelps with its swimming prowess. It could even end up conquering the house pool if it needs to cool itself down during the hotter days.

Should You Get One?

After seeing their positive traits, pigs look cool as pets now, don’t they? But is it the right pet for you? Before saying yes, you ought to know their downsides too:

various pet pigs

  1. You will need a lot of space. You can’t keep a pig in an apartment. They need to exercise and the outdoors is the best place to get this done.
  2. It can get really big. Mini pigs are often recommended as pets compared to other breeds because you can control the extent of their growth through diet. But if you are someone who can’t resist feeding your pet throughout the day, you could end up living with a very heavy pet later on.
  3. Could become territorial. You will not have problems getting along with it since it is your pet after all. But it could be rude to people and try to protect its territory. Socialization as a piglet is needed in order to prevent this problem.
  4. Your garden could be a thing of the past. They do not only like to eat the foods that you give them. They are naturally inclined to eat plants to. Your garden could end up as dinner for a pet pig.
  5. Grumpier as an adult. Pigs are generally friendly when they are younger. But just like dogs, their enthusiasm could experience a dip once they become older.

Final Thoughts

So you think you’re ready for the porkier life? Be warned though. Ham may not look so appetizing after getting a pet pig. As a consolation, your pet pig really won’t mind if you still like to eat one of its relatives during dinner.

Jordan WalkerAuthor: Jordan Walker

Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops And Cages as well as a couple of other pet related blogs. His passion for animals is only matched by his love for ‘attempting’ to play the guitar. If you would like to catch him, you can via Google+ or Twitter: @CoopsAndCages

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