More Advice For Training A Puppy To Like Her Crate

Puppy Sleeping in Crate
Puppy Sleeping in Crate
Puppy Sleeping in Crate

Seven Tips to Make the Crate More Welcoming

1) Wrap a hot-water bottle with a big towel. Warmth can feel cozy and like the litter she recently left.

2) When you first get your puppy, make sure you ask for a piece of bedding she as on with her Mom and litter-mates so you can put the comforting smell into the crate.

3) Plug in a pheromone diffuser next to the crate, which creates a signal of comfort in your puppy’s brain because it is a chemical version of the odor of her mother suckling the litter (called Adaptil at your vet’s, also known as ComfortZone in pet stores).

4) Put a shirt that you’ve worn in the crate to keep her company and soothe her.

5) Put in a teddy bear or other stuffed toy that you’ve rubbed all over with your hands.

6) Put on some quiet music or the television so she doesn’t feel too alone in the silence.

7) Keep aside a special toy that she has shown a preference for and give it to her in the crate right before you close the door. This gives her a reward you know she loves when she goes into the crate.

Bonus Tip: Once she is in the crate and settled down, quietly sit down next to her in the crate and speak softly praising her. Sometimes you can also offer her a small bit of a Halo Liv-a-Little protein treat through the bars (just a taste, so it does not stimulate her digestive system! — and don’t do it every single time she goes into the crate or you will create a Cookie Monster!) But little surprise reward for her good behavior is a lovely way to send her off to dreamland with a smile on her puppy lips!

–Tracie Hotchner

photo credit: riekhavoc via photopin cc

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