Twelve Rescues Got A Little Taste Of Heaven From Halo!

This past Sunday I was just thrilled to have had the opportunity to slip some of Halo’s most delicious foods into the doggy bags at the Fur-Ever Adoption event sponsored by [Pepe Infiniti] at the fancy Westchester Mall in White Plains, New York. The most amazing thing was to see thousands of shoppers come down the main escalators and find themselves in a circle of dog rescues — twelve of them! — that had each brought 6 of their most adoptable dogs that were barking with excitement at the prospect of meeting people and finding their Fur-Ever Homes. I knew this was the perfect place to introduce people to Halo foods because local pet lovers are really interested in good nutrition, and they have the fantastic local chain of [Pet Pantry] stores to provide all the Halo products they could ever need! (Pet Pantry had a booth and was nice enough to take Radio Pet Lady Network cards back to their stores to invite their customers to listen to my internet radio shows).

I personally handed out every doggy bag and it was so interesting to see peoples’ reactions when I tried to give them a bag of free goodies — some ignored me, some were cautious, some were excited, but all were really happy to see the sample bags of different Halo kibble in there. There was a sample of Spot’s Stew for Toy & Small Breed dogs of Turkey, Duck and Pheasant — which I myself had just sent 4 full bags of to my sister for her little Brussels Griffons, Lulu and Sprout. There was also Hearty Surf & Turf grain-free recipe (that I have been treating my own dogs to at home), the Healthy Weight Turkey & Duck recipe Spot’s Stew, and most generous of all was a packet of Liv-a-Little 100% Lean Beef Protein treats — now that is the good stuff!

It’s always such a pleasure for me to bring Halo to peoples’ attention because you cannot beat the combination of super premium nutrition from top notch ingredients and a commitment by the company to provide their foods to deserving shelter pets across the country through Which brings me to the most touching part of the day for me — at each of those twelve local rescue and shelter groups there were at least six volunteers who had come to handle the dogs for adoption. Volunteers who gave their time and energy and love to these dogs throughout the year, either fostering them at home or coming to the shelter to walk and socialize the dogs. I got on the microphone at the event and thanked those volunteers from the bottom of my heart — as I told the people enjoying the day, without volunteers, there would have been no adoption event. Without volunteers these dogs don’t’ stand a chance — or a second chance. I personally went up to each and every volunteer who was there that day and made sure they got a bag from Pepe Infiniti of those Halo goodies — for their own dogs at home or the ones they were looking after that day. Some of them had tears in their eyes from gratitude at being acknowledged. I only wish that each and every one of us who ever attends an adoption event will take the time to tell those volunteers that if it were not for them, those dogs would not even be here. To add a Halo treat to that message really sweetens the moment!

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–Tracie Hotchner