Sampling of Tips from Amy Shojai of Cat Crazy


National Poison Prevention Week runs March 17-23, and is a wonderful time to learn how to protect pets from household dangers. Most cases of pet poisoning are accidental, and preventing accidents and knowing first aid saves pet lives.

Dogs are particularly prone to poisoning because like human infants, they put everything in their mouths. And they’re clueless. No offense, but dogs truly eat first and think later…or don’t think at all. Cats are more discriminating about what they eat, but can still be poisoned when they lick off something that’s on their fur or claws. Learn more about common poisons and what to do at Amy Shojai’s blog.

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Have your cats ever reacted to the mirror or their reflection in windows or other surfaces? How old where they? Did it become a problem? How did you manage it? Cats can and do react to images such as high-definition screens like TVs and iPads as well as mirrors. For some cats, the feline reflection is a playmate while others the image is the DEVIL for them to attack! Find out what’s going on inside that kitty brain, and how you can solve feline mirror angst at Amy Shojai’s blog.

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Cats are great actors and try to convince pet parents they’re already purr-fectly healthy and happy. With cats, it’s Valentine’s Day every day and a good time to think “outside the litter box” and find special ways to love your cat. One of the most generous New Year resolutions is to accept each cat as an individual and adjust our expectations — and resolutions — to each special cat. Check out Amy Shojai’s blog to learn six ways you can increase your cat’s purrs.