The New “Cat Chat” Help Line

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The New “Cat Chat” Help Line

I miss the old CAT CHAT Sirius radio days days when I was live on on the Martha Stewart channel every Wednesday evening and could help cat lovers solve their kitty behavior problems. I miss you devoted feline families across the country! (I do have a CAT CHAT podcast you might want to listen to for tips and suggestions).

I’ve decided to start a new online helpline to keep me connected to cat people, with everyone able to benefit from the answers. And there’s a bonus: everybody who writes me will get a big fat gift of a coupon for a free Comfort Zone pheromone diffuser (worth $25.00) just for turning to me for help!  Write me to with your questions and your mailing address and I will personally send your free coupon from Comfort Zone.

Click here to submit a question.

Ask me anything that’s on your mind about your cat. What to feed? How to deal with issues like standoffishness… scratching (of people or furniture!)…out-of-litter box problems… Inter-cat crankiness.  I’ll try to answer all questions here and at some point I will set aside time to read and answer some of the questions on the air on my weekly NPR radio show DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!) .

Cats experience stress we may not even be aware of, which can cause behavior issues like scratching and eliminating outside the litter box. Ever since I researched THE CAT BIBLE and in all my  years on the radio I have believed in the power of pheromones, which are a man-made version of the cheek gland scent that cats rub on things to mark them in a positive way. When pheromones are dispersed in the air it’s been scientifically proven to calm cats and help reduce unwanted behaviors. Not enough cat families have pheromones in the air — and I aim to change that, one household at a time!

Comfort Zone pheromone diffuser is the Presenting Sponsor of the NY Cat Film Festival as it travels the country. Everybody who goes to the theaters to see the show gets a free diffuser coupon. The shelters that are our beneficiaries in each town also get enough coupons to give a free Comfort Zone diffuser to every new adopter for a year! I’m eager for all kitties and their people to live more harmoniously together and now I can help make that happen. I will personally mail a coupon for a free 30-day pheromone diffuser to everybody who writes in with a question. Comfort Zone is confident that when cat lovers are able to experience the positive calming effect of pheromones on their kitty cats, they will want to always to have them in the air.

—Tracie Hotchner
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photo credit: Neticola Malincuentes via photopin (license)