Summer Adventure Travel & Do Good for Pets

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Summer Adventure Travel & Do Good for Pets

It seems everyone has a serious case of “cabin fever” after up to two years of not being able or feeling comfortable traveling. Now the mood has changed to people wanting to go somewhere, but maybe now the desire to have a trip needs to mean more than just indulging “itchy feet” to get away for a while. Have you gotten the travel bug? Not sure what sort of trip will feel worthwhile?

What if you could go somewhere beautiful and interesting — and help local homeless cats and dogs at the same time? Here are suggestions of two beautiful places I learned about during radio interviews where you can go to get away — while offering a chance to “give back” and feel a higher purpose to your personal pleasure trip.

SMART building


Let’s be S.M.A.R.T. is a non-profit helping stray cats, and is the brainchild of Julie Kelly, who has one foot in NYC and one in Greece, where she has created a cat rescue and sanctuary near Athens that welcomes everyone to come help. You can even go home with a cat to your own country as they have all the necessary paperwork!

You can LISTEN HERE to her discuss it with me on CAT CHAT® brought to you by Dr. Elsey’s.

Dog Talk (JUNE 5, 2022)


Scott Alan fell in love with Costa Rica and — being a professional chef — opened Lava Lounge Bar & Grill where he serves tropical fusion cuisine and also gives cooking classes. But because he also loves dogs, LISTEN HERE as Scott talks about taking in a few of the many free-ranging dogs — and then a few more — until he created Costa Rica Dog Rescue. You can explore Costa Rica, indulge in his amazing cooking, learn how to do it yourself, and volunteer at Costa Rica Dogs. You might even find yourself inspired to take home one of those pooches, as many visitors have done.

—Tracie Hotchner

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