#ShareYourStory – Cats Save the Day

mel & bobcat

#ShareYourStory – Cats Save the Day

Dr. Elsey’s has launched a campaign to encourage people to tell their cat-got-me-through-a-tough-time story at #ShareYourStory.  Many people had no one but their kitty cat to keep them company during the early days of the Covid-19 lock down, and many are still grappling with the psychological effects of the continuing isolation and anxieties during the pandemic.

In the most recent episode of CAT CHAT, Mel Futorian talks about her film in this year’s NY Cat Film Festival, “Mel & Bobcat,” which chronicles the actual health crises she survived with the help of her kitty. It is a story she entered in the Dr. Elsey’s #ShareYourStory campaign that highlights the ways cats have gotten people through tough times. If you have a story like that — from recently or years ago — please take a moment to let others be cheered and encouraged by what your cat’s presence and comfort brought to you.

NOTE: As an important aside, the weekly podcast CAT CHAT® and the annual NY CAT FILM FESTIVAL™ are both sponsored by Dr. Elsey’s, which shares my desire to celebrate the importance of cats in our society and the value of the human-feline bond.  Dr. Elsey’s personally-formulated litters are already the most popular in the United States, but because of their commitment to my work, which elevates the status of cats, I’d still ask you to choose their products over any others. 

—Tracie Hotchner

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