Dog Talk ® (and Kitties Too!)

NPR LogoDOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) originated on the only NPR station on Long Island, WLIW-88.3, where it has been on the air for 13 years and numerous consecutive shows.  This Gracie® Award-winning show (for “Best entertainment and information program on local public radio”), is produced and hosted by pet wellness advocate Tracie Hotchner. Each show features Tracie’s interviews with authors and pet experts from around the world, discussing far-ranging topics involving practical and philosophical issues regarding our relationships with dogs and cats. The show broadcasts from the East End and reaches all across Long Island, into Southern Connecticut and Westchester. The show's theme song is "Mmm My Best Friend" by Sophie B. Hawkins from her album TIMBRE. Also available on Amazon podcasts and Audible. WLIW FM88.3 Logo

Hosted by Tracie Hotchner

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Authors Robert Crais, Doug Green & Brian Bailey

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (12-19-2015) #452: Best-selling author Robert Crais is back with THE PROMISE and the wonderful character Maggie, a tracking dog, who has big fan club of her own now; Doug Green, a psychotherapist who began bringing his once-difficult pup into his therapy sessions, writes about and her response to patients (and vice-versa) in his book THE TEACHINGS OF SHIRELLE: LIFE LESSONS FROM A DIVINE KNUCKLEHEAD; Brian Bailey’s EMBRACING THE WILD IN YOUR DOG wants people to recognize that their dogs are not “little people in fur coats” but have a wolf ancestry influencing them, a realization which will help avoid dog bites to children by understanding their dogs’ wolf instincts.