Dog Talk ® (and Kitties Too!)

DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) features Tracie’s interviews with authors and pet experts from around the world, discussing far-ranging topics involving dogs and cats, many with dog health information, dog and puppy training advice, and help in living harmoniously with your cat. This Gracie® Award-winning show, produced and hosted by pet wellness advocate Tracie Hotchner, has been broadcasting for 13 years with more than 620 consecutive shows from its originating NPR station Peconic Public Broadcasting – WPPB 88.3 FM – in the Hamptons, where it is heard from the East End all across Long Island, into Southern Connecticut and Westchester. It is also carried on the local public radio stations: WHDD Robinhood Radio 91.9 FM, Sharon, Connecticut WCSQ-LP Radio Cobleskill 105.9 FM Cobleskill, New York Global Community Radio WRAQ 92.7 FM Angelica, New York KIEZ 106.7 FM Monroe, Louisiana KFZR 93.3 FM Frazier Park, California KLQS 96.7 FM Agua Dulce, California KAKU 88,5 FM Kahilui/Maui, Hawaii

Hosted by Tracie Hotchner

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Dog Talk #380 (7/19/2014)

Dog Talk (and Kitties, Too!)

Dog Talk (7/19/2014) #379: Ever wonder how to get a cat out of a tree?  Learn how an arborist in the Puget sound area of Washington state is part of a national effort by tree guys to save these poor kitties at; author Larry Kay asks us to consider the valuable lessons about life & love we can learn from dogs in his endearing book LIFE’S A BARK; Agent Brad Dewar, an investigations communications officer in Ontario, Canada, discusses the “no hot pets” laws in Ontario, Canada and ways they have publicized the dangers to dogs in cars — like an experiment they performed placing an egg, a slice of bacon and a hot dog on a dashboard in hot weather — with the car windows windows open and the AC running — and how in 40 minutes it was 148 degrees in the car, the egg was cooked, the bacon was crispy and the hot dog was fully cooked. Learn more at