The Bond

This show is about all aspects of the powerful bond that exists between people and their dogs --- exploring what goes into that loving relationship for both species, and how to enhance and expand it in training and everyday life. Tracie's co-host Sarah Wilson is “the Dog Expert” because of her 25 years training people and their dogs, during which time she had nine best-selling books published and earned a masters degree in the human-animal bond.

Hosted by Sarah Wilson, Tracie Hotchner

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Expectations: Men vs. Women in Canine Relationships

The Bond (03-23-2015) #1: Introducing Sarah Wilson, “dog expert,” whose M.A. in the human-animal bond and 25 years experience training people and their dogs make her especially suited to discuss the fascinating aspects of people’s attachment to their dogs — and social expectations being different for men and women in those canine relationships.