The Bond

This show is about all aspects of the powerful bond that exists between people and their dogs --- exploring what goes into that loving relationship for both species, and how to enhance and expand it in training and everyday life. Tracie's co-host Sarah Wilson is “the Dog Expert” because of her 25 years training people and their dogs, during which time she had nine best-selling books published and earned a masters degree in the human-animal bond.

Hosted by Sarah Wilson, Tracie Hotchner

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Do Pets Have Same Emotional Attachment to Owners?

The Bond (04-25-2016) #0013: Dr. Nicholas Dodman is the Chief Scientific Office of the Center for Canine Behavior Studies. Many people have a huge emotional attachment to their pets — are we correct that our pets share the same level of attachment? Do you think your dog is depressed when you leave him home? Does he shut down from “learned helplessness”? The Center’s studies will answer some of these questions.