Exotic Pets™

The show for people interested in pets that slither, hop, creep, fly or swim:  from bunnies to iguanas, parrots to ferrets, snakes to tortoises. Information on the physical requirements of these exotic pets and how to manage the often challenging environment and correct diet essential to their welfare. Doug Mader (The Vet at Noah's Ark)Co-hosted by Dr. Doug Mader, author of "The Vet at Noah's Ark: Stories of Survival from an Inner-City Animal Hospital,"who is a world-renowned specialist on exotic animals, author of four major veterinary textbooks on reptile and amphibians, and a passionate educator. Early episodes of this show were co-hosted by Dr. Karen Rosenthal, Director of Exotic Animal Medicine at several institutions of higher learning.

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A Tortoise Can Come When Called!

Exotic Pets (07-12-2023) #215: Dr. Doug gives an overview of tortoises and how they express the human-animal bond — loving to have their shell rubbed, a scratch under the chin, and can even learn their name and come when called (as his own tortoise does in his Key West yard.) There are thousands of tortoise species, but because they keep growing until the day they die, do your homework: a tortoise that starts out the size of a quarter can grow to 250 lbs and live for 80 or more years.