Exotic Pets™

The show for people interested in pets that slither, hop, creep, fly or swim:  from bunnies to iguanas, parrots to ferrets, snakes to tortoises. Information on the physical requirements of these exotic pets and how to manage the often challenging environment and correct diet essential to their welfare. Doug Mader (The Vet at Noah's Ark)Co-hosted by Dr. Doug Mader, author of "The Vet at Noah's Ark: Stories of Survival from an Inner-City Animal Hospital,"who is a world-renowned specialist on exotic animals, author of four major veterinary textbooks on reptile and amphibians, and a passionate educator. Early episodes of this show were co-hosted by Dr. Karen Rosenthal, Director of Exotic Animal Medicine at several institutions of higher learning.

Hosted by Tracie Hotchner, Karen Rosenthal

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Exotic Pets #206 (01-05-2015)

Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets (01-05-2015) #206: THE LIZARD SHOW on which Dr. Karen introduces us to the popular Australian Bearded Dragon, which make the best pet of all the reptile choices: they stay small, they “color morph” and can be very beautiful, have a pleasing personality (you need to interact with them!), don’t need to climb and are generally easy to keep.  Other lizards like the Nile Monitor are very aggressive, the Savannah Monitor gets large and needs to eat small mammals, and chameleons, the most difficult lizard to keep in captivity because, amongst other lifestyle requirements,  they need to get their water dripped off the end of a leaf!