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Dog Training is People Training All dogs are GOOD DOGS!  We believe it is people who have to be educated to understand dogs on their terms, to "bring out the good" in each dog so we can live together harmoniously. This show explores all aspects of communication between people and dogs --- whether they are K-9 partners in military work, purpose-bred and trained service dogs, competitors in dog sports, or pets --- from a newly-adopted senior dog or young puppy. Tracie is joined by co-host Carol Borden, a veteran of 60 years training people to train dogs. She is the founder of Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs, which has trained dogs through her college accredited/VA approved curriculum to work inside the Pentagon and other Department of Defense facilities alongside disabled staff members. Carol has also personally competed in the demanding sport of Schutzhund and has trained ex-military and police K-9 handlers to work at Guardian Angel training service dogs. Theme song is "My One Best Friend" by Jasmine Tea. NOTE: The first 77 GOOD DOGS! shows in the library were co-hosted by Tracie with three veteran trainers --- Gayle Watkins, Lise Pratt and Marcy Burke --- who bred agility performance Golden Retrievers. Podcast also available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon podcasts, and Audible. Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs - Logo-SMALL

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Play Nice

Good Dogs! (05-26-2021) #6084: Carol and Tracie discuss “proper play” with a dog, which basically means having a nice game that does not escalate to a point where the dog or person get too amped up; they share dismay and ask what’s up with people who think it’s okay to bat a dog around the head with their hands [it is not!]; tug of war is sometimes called controversial, but they agree it’s fine as long as you keep it short, keep it positive and the dog must give you an “out” and release the tug toy to you at the end; Carol cautions about physically unsafe games that require leaping in the air to catch a ball or frisbee, which may look really cool but it’s murder on a dog’s spine to twist in the air, and very tough on the joints on the landing.