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Humane Talk features conversations with Thought Leaders in animal welfare, whose books or scientific studies focus on  practical and philosophical issues regarding society's attitudes and interactions with various non-human species. Discussions with members of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA) are about applying humane and ethical principles to the way veterinary medicine is practiced in America and around the world, on animals used in research, food production, and pharmacology as well as companion animals.Interviews with social scientists and authors focus on the emotional and social lives of creatures other than human.

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Humane Talk #8018 (5-12-2014)

Humane Talk (5-12-2014) #8018: An encore of Tracie and Wayne’s discussion of the biggest victories for animals in 2011, such as an agreement between The HSUS and a major egg industry group to phase out barren battery cages for hens, as well as good news on pet rescue and shark finning; suggestions for New Year’s resolutions to adopt a humane diet, discussing how the choices we make when we sit down to eat make a big difference for animals and how adopting Meatless Mondays or buying cage-free eggs can make great resolutions any time of the year.