The Pet Cancer Vet™

The Pet Cancer Vet™ was a weekly podcast from 2013-2019 with a devoted following, co-hosted by Radio Pet Lady Network producer Tracie Hotchner and oncologist Dr. Sue Ettinger. The first 72 episodes of the show gave advice, information and hope to millions of people whose pets had cancer --- and continue to be available for listening here and on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Audible and Stitcher, even though Tracie has not actively been creating new episodes. Stay tuned for the new version of the show very soon!

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The Pet Cancer Vet #2008 (9-30-2013)

The Pet Cancer Vet (9-30-2013) #2008 Sally calls about her kitty who had surgery for cancer in one mammary gland and lived 16 months — but should the surgeon have removed the whole chain of mammary glands instead?