Pet Food Advisors™

Wondering what you should be feeding your dog or cat? Confused by all the choices? Is raw really best? Or does it pose health hazards? What should you know when deciding which commercial food to feed? Are cats' digestive systems able to metabolize carbohydrates or is all dry cat food “kitty crack,” as Tracie calls it? Do dogs and cats need supplements --- and if so, which ones? This show brings you facts and opinions to help you make the best personal decisions about how to feed the four-legged members of your family so they live long, healthy lives.

Hosted by Tracie Hotchner

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Pet Food Advisors #7030 (6-02-2014)

Pet Food Advisors (6-02-2014) #7030: What are the different kinds of fiber in dog food (soluble or insoluble, fermentable or non-) and how they function to create the much sought-after firm poop — and how fiber is helpful in cases of diarrhea.