Barkley’s Incredible Transformation

Barkley was a stray from a city shelter, found on the streets in a rough neighborhood. When Barkley arrived at Lily’s Legacy from the shelter he was 15 lbs underweight, had no hair on his body and multiple skin infections.

It is amazing how things can change for a senior pup who is in desperate condition when you add excellent veterinary care, nutritious food and lots and lots of TLC. Three months later Barkley had blossomed into this handsome boy.

Barkly was adopted by a wonderful couple, Holly and Leroy, and is now living happily on a fenced acreage property with them and his cat. He loves to supervise his dad gardening and hanging out on his dog bed with his cat.

Leroy reports; “We have doggy doors on both the front and back doors so he comes and goes as he pleases. So does the cat.”

Barkley, more photos

Buddy from Muttville

Buddy (Pal) Before
14 year old Buddy when he was “Pal” at Muttville looking for a home

Buddy was called Pal at Muttville in San Francisco when he found his right person in Nancy. He was 14, had been returned twice by other adopters, then he found Home with her. She loved him through Cushing’s Disease, then a lung tumor and all the medical appointments, but she got a kick out of getting him his favorite burrito after each chemo treatment.

Then he got a second lung tumor and the time had come for the home euthanasia vet. But Buddy had his own way of saying thanks. He never slept in their bed, but the night before that Final Appointment he got into bed snuggled between Nancy and her husband Gene and took his last breath. A beautiful last year of life, and a beautiful way to go.

Buddy Groomed
Buddy after Nancy’s grooming guru spruced him up