14-year-old Filmmaker Directs a Love Letter to her Pitbull

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (10-03-2022) #799C: Tracie talks to Nathaly Orrego, an eloquent 14-year-old, who adopted a Pitbull and was disturbed by breed discrimination and the challenges of having a Pitbull in public. Nathaly’s film “Super Pup” is featured in the 7th Annual NY Dog Film Festival Sunday October 23rd, to which she will […]

A 15-Year-Old’s Humane Mission

Humane Talk (08-31-2015)#8049: At 14 years old, young Thomas Ponce took his lifelong interest in vegetarianism and to make the world a better place for animals and created his own non-profit, Lobby for Animals. Tracie is understandably impressed by this young man — now all of 15 years old — as he describes a young […]