Can Dog Food Cause the Heart Disease DCM?

Can Dog Food Cause the Heart Disease DCM? I received a passionate email recently from Mike, a listener who sadly lost his dog due to the heart condition DCM. He believed that his dog died from eating grain-free dog food. Possibly his veterinarian told him it was “caused by nutrition” or Mike reading the confusing […]

What Can Possibly Be the Problem with Grain-Free Dog Food?

What Can Possibly Be The Problem With Grain-Free Dog Food? I’m glad that the alarm bells have stopped ringing about the dangers of grain-free dog food. For a little while, there was a flurry of articles and cautionary advice about avoiding the dog foods labeled as “grain free” because there was a heart condition called […]

The Mystery of “Crude Protein:” What is it, really?

The Mystery of “Crude Protein:” What is it, really? Read the label on your dog’s food, and you’ll see a section called “Guaranteed Analysis.” That’s called the “ingredient dec” (or “declaration”) in pet food manufacturing lingo.  Listed there, along with all the ingredients, you’ll find percentages for moisture, crude fiber, crude fat, and crude protein. […]

Food Grade vs Feed Grade

Pet Food Advisors (10-12-2015) #7043: Food grade vs. feed grade — what is the difference when describing pet food ingredients? The AAFCO is comprised of state regulatory officials for livestock feed — with pet food being only a small part of their responsibility. What about the fear mongers who claim commercial pet food includes Styrofoam […]

Why is Menadione in Weruva?

Why is Menadione in Weruva? This question came from Emi in Kent, Washington: Hi! I just recently discovered you and your website when I was doing some online research on Weruva. I recently adopted a 10yr old cat from my local shelter. From the paperwork submitted from his previous owner, he was fed a dry […]

What Does Crude Protein Really Mean in Dry Dog Food?

What Does Crude Protein Really Mean in a Dry Dog Food? The most popular blog I’ve ever written was about what “crude protein” really means — and whether the amount of crude protein in kibble is a reliable way to judge the best dog food for your own pooch. So I want to tell people […]

Dog Nutrition: “Crude Protein” In Dry Dog Food

“Crude protein” is one of those measurements that can be especially slippery for us to figure out when choosing a dog food. I feel as though “crude protein” should have a yellow caution flag next to it because this pair of words on dog food labels is so misleading. Protein is the most expensive ingredient […]

Pet Food Advisors #7019 (12-10-2013)

Pet Food Advisors (12-10-2013) #7019: How does AAFCO arrive at their calculations for what is essential in a pets diet? MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL