Overuses: Steroids, Antibiotics, etc.

Holistic Vets (06-01-2015) #3044: Dr. Judy Morgan points a finger at vets who wantonly use steroids, antibiotics and vaccines — all of which are generally used by vets without factoring in risks and side effects because they can wreak havoc on the immune system, cause high blood pressure, aggression, glaucoma, blood clots and liver failure […]

Good Dogs! #6006 (2-05-2014)

Good Dogs! (2-05-2014) #6006: Aggression: is it inborn and coded in a dog’s DNA? Is there a way to know when you first get a puppy or adopt a new dog whether they have dangerous, aggressive tendencies? MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL

Cures For Common Puppy Misbehavior

CURES FOR COMMON PUPPY MISBEHAVIOR Preventing Puppy Aggressiveness (Note: the following comments refer to puppies only. Aggression issues with grown dogs are best handled by an experienced trainer.) Neuter your puppy. The most frequent dogfights happen to young, intact (which means not neutered) males. Simple solution: neuter your dog at six months of age. If […]

Raising A Great Puppy, Part 2: 6 To 14 Months: Puberty And Adolescence

(Did you miss Part 1? Raising a Puppy) SIX TO FOURTEEN MONTHS: PUBERTY AND ADOLESCENCE Hormonal changes take place in both the male and female during this time that are similar to the changes that human beings go through during puberty. The surge of hormones can be as dramatic for some dogs as it is […]