Good Dogs! #6027 (7-07-2014)

Good Dogs! (7-07-2014) #6027: Alecia discusses her WalkinSync harness and leash system for humane and effective dog walking with only 5 minutes’ practice; Marcy talks about how a well designed front-clip harness is the perfect solution to dog owners’ #1 problem: pulling on the leash! MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL

Dog Travel Experts #4031 (6-02-2014)

Dog Travel Experts (6-02-2014) #4031: Alecia, the inventor of the Walk in Sync harness system, discusses the drawbacks of existing equipment for leash walking with Paris and Tracie, who welcome the amazingly simple system that allows for stress-free and pull-free leash walking in no time flat. MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL