Happy New Year and Heartfelt Thanks to My Listeners

Happy New Year and Heartfelt Thanks to My Listeners I recently received an utterly pure expression of gratitude and kindness from a listener that caused me to stop and reflect on the comfort and joy her words gave me, but also to recognize how inspiring and satisfying it is for me, selfishly, to produce and […]

HSUS response to Wolf Hunting

Humane Talk (09-28-2015) #8050: From a conversation in 2013: right after the USFWS de-listed wolves as endangered in the Great lakes region, Wisconsin and Minnesota opened wolf hunting and trapping. How did the HSUS respond to this tragic development? Animal welfare in India — a contradiction in terms, as Tracie experienced it? After his trip […]

Humane Talk #8044 (02-02-2015)

Humane Talk (02-02-2015) #8044: Do you think about cruelty-free products? Was the shampoo you use tested on animals? Did your toothpaste or lipstick cause suffering for animals in labs? We’ve made great progress in phasing out animal tests for many products, but several companies have backslid on their cruelty-free pledges; Wayne talks about touring farms […]

Humane Talk #8014 (4-14-2014)

Humane Talk (4-14-2014) #8014: Dr. Holly Cheever — a founding member of the Leadership Council of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, and Vice President of the NY State Humane Association — discusses a lifetime dedicated to animal abuse cases and the creation of a “circle of compassion” around animal welfare. MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow […]

Humane Talk #8011 (3-24-2014)

Humane Talk (3-24-2014) #8011: Do many veterinarians view cattle as nothing more than “steak on the hoof” — even though the animals deserve a dignified and humane life and death? Dr Gary Block sees too-easy justifications by many veterinarians so he is active in the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics and is a board member […]

Halo Blog: Judged By The Company We Keep – Why Ellen Matters To Me & To Halo

I grew up learning that we can be judged by the company we keep. And as life has gone on, I have certainly embraced that mantra for myself, both personally and professionally. Mindful of the possible effect I have on pets and their people as I have become someone whose advice is followed, I give […]