Mother’s Day Shout Out to Moms Who Inherit Their Kids’ Snakes!

Exotic Pets (05-10-2023) #213: Dr. Doug talks about why people have snakes as pets and their atypical human-animal bond. Snakes have ears — can hear us — and even know their owner’s voice. But when their owners go to college, those devoted mothers have to pick up the torch! MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL

The Dog & Cat Lady Goes Exotic!

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (05-08-2023) #829A: Tracie and Dr. Doug Mader discuss why they just launched their podcast EXOTIC PETS, because an atypical human-animal bond is just as meaningful to people, whether it’s a fish, a spider or a bunny — and owners need to know how to be good stewards of these unusual […]