A New Year’s Resolution: Shed Your Cat’s Excess Baggage

A New Year’s Resolution: Shed Your Cat’s Excess Baggage [The first in a series of blogs about how to safely and successfully get your cat to lose weight] Many people don’t even realize their cat is fat, because we’ve all become accustomed to seeing overweight cats with hanging bellies, brick-shaped bodies, and a skeleton so […]

Humane Talk #8025 (6-16-2014)

Humane Talk (6-16-2014) #8025: Dr. Bill Folger is the founder of Memorial Cat Hospital in the Gulf Coast region near Houston, the only all feline practice in the world with four board certified feline specialists, of which there are fewer than 100 in the whole world. He talks about how the AVMA should be cooperative […]

Dog Talk #370 (5/03/2014)

Dog Talk (5/03/2014) #370 Fashion photographer Paul Nathan turns his lens on the way dogs are “sculpted” by professional groomers in his stunning photo book GROOMED, and turns his camera on canine fashionistas in his second book, COUTURE DOGS OF NEW YORK; Dr Bernadine Cruz is an AVMA spokesperson for National Pet week, and talks […]

Humane Talk #8011 (3-24-2014)

Humane Talk (3-24-2014) #8011: Do many veterinarians view cattle as nothing more than “steak on the hoof” — even though the animals deserve a dignified and humane life and death? Dr Gary Block sees too-easy justifications by many veterinarians so he is active in the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics and is a board member […]