Avoid Feeding Your Dog These Red-Flag Foods

Avoid Feeding Your Dog These Red-Flag Foods Jenna—the editor of Pugs Home—recently shared with me an interesting article on human foods that are dangerous for dogs. Many of us already know about common fare like chocolate, onions, garlic and grapes and raisins. The Pugs Home piece also includes lesser known food items like macadamia nuts […]

Dog Talk #380 (7/19/2014)

Dog Talk (7/19/2014) #379: Ever wonder how to get a cat out of a tree?  Learn how an arborist in the Puget sound area of Washington state is part of a national effort by tree guys to save these poor kitties at http://www2.catinatreerescue.com/home/index.cfm; author Larry Kay asks us to consider the valuable lessons about life […]