Separation Anxiety? Chill Out!

Separation Anxiety? Chill Out! Back to school? Back to work? Dog feeling stressed that you are headed back out into the world after more than a year of having you around all the time during Covid? It may be hard for us to adjust to whatever the “new normal” is, but let’s not forget the […]

Dog Talk #405 (01-24-2015)

Dog Talk (01-24-2015) #405: Dr E’Lise Christensen Bell, DVM DACVB, Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist explains the escalation from growling to barking to snapping to nipping to biting and how when “The Tinies” do it, owners blow it off, but it’s still a serious warning that escalates; Mikita Brottman’s THE GREAT GRISBY: Two Thousand Years of […]

Good Dogs! #6010 (3-26-2014)

Good Dogs! (3-26-2014) #6010: Introducing Gayle Watkins and her training partners at Avidog as the new co-hosts of the show. Gayle describes the mission of Avidog to assist responsible breeders in raising healthy, well-balanced puppies. And advice about how it’s never too late to correct manners, even in an old dog like her client Snoopy […]

Headed to Court over Barking Dog

Please help. I have two small Min Pins who only bark for a minute or two when a stranger arrives at my door, or in my back yard. They are indoors 99%. However, my neighbor has called Animal Control twice, and is now taking me to court. They claim they recorded my dogs barking for […]

Dog Talk #353 (12/28/2013)

Dog Talk #353 (12/28/2013): Guests include Pat Gray, Director of Southampton Animal Shelter (the Official Shelter of the show), who saw a noticeable reduction in the stress levels of the pets waiting for their Forever Homes after using the generous donation of Adaptil collars for dogs and Feliway diffusers for cats; Author, Marc Bekoff talks […]