The Puppy Series #5: Puppy Nipping is Actually Biting!

Good Dogs! (11-17-2021) #6096: Carol Borden and Tracie discuss the importance of teaching a puppy early not to put his teeth on humans. Why puppies nip or bite and how to steer them away from this behavior are important pieces of raising a well-adjusted enjoyable puppy.   MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL

Why Did the President’s Dog Bite Again?

Good Dogs! (04-14-2021) #6081: Tracie and Carol Borden discuss the terrible decision-making that happened after the Biden’s younger German Shepherd, Major, bit a Secret Service agent. Major was sent back to the Biden’s Delaware home for only a few days of [predictably ineffectual] sessions with a trainer, who foolishly brought Major back to the White […]

How the Bidens Failed Their Dog Major

How the Bidens Failed Their Dog Major In the latest episode of GOOD DOGS!, my co-host Carol Borden (founder of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs and a veteran trainer, particularly of German Shepherds) and I discuss the various ways the President and his wife Jill seemed not to have considered the stress on their dogs […]

6 Ways to Protect Your Cats & Yourself from Cat Scratch Disease

6 Ways to Protect Your cats & Yourself from Cat Scratch Disease You can forgive the new kitten in your life for the bright red tracks her little claws painted down your arm, but keep an eye on those scratches — they can lead to terribly serious health consequences. Cat scratch disease can actually put […]

Dog Talk #405 (01-24-2015)

Dog Talk (01-24-2015) #405: Dr E’Lise Christensen Bell, DVM DACVB, Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist explains the escalation from growling to barking to snapping to nipping to biting and how when “The Tinies” do it, owners blow it off, but it’s still a serious warning that escalates; Mikita Brottman’s THE GREAT GRISBY: Two Thousand Years of […]

Cures For Common Puppy Misbehavior

CURES FOR COMMON PUPPY MISBEHAVIOR Preventing Puppy Aggressiveness (Note: the following comments refer to puppies only. Aggression issues with grown dogs are best handled by an experienced trainer.) Neuter your puppy. The most frequent dogfights happen to young, intact (which means not neutered) males. Simple solution: neuter your dog at six months of age. If […]

Picking a Puppy: Part 4 – Buying Long Distance, Socialization

Did you miss the previous installments? Picking a Puppy, Part 1: Timing & Picking a Puppy, Part 2: Meet the Parents, Boy or Girl Picking a Puppy, Part 2: Meet the Parents, Boy or Girl Picking a Puppy, Part 3: Personality Testing Picking and Shipping a Puppy Long-distance If you cannot find a litter of […]