Elevated Inflammatory Markers & Serious Disease Risk

Holistic Vets (03-07-2016) #3053: Dr. Shawn Messonier talks about how 90% of dogs have elevated inflammatory markers and are therefore at risk for serious disease. He recommends a blood test (that is best utilized by a vet who regularly test pro-inflammatory markers) that measures enzymes and CRA — Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA). Some of the […]

Danger of Elevated Liver Enzymes

The Expert Vet (05-25-2015) #5040: Teresa wrote in to ask about elevated liver enzymes (high ALT) in her standard poodle and whether he needed a biopsy. Dr. Donna says Yes! and explains why elevated liver enzymes really matter in a blood test. If the levels remain high over time, you have to consider a liver […]

The Expert Vet #5035 (03-02-2015)

The Expert Vet (03-02-2015) #5035: Dr. Donna focuses on elevated liver enzymes, an often overlooked aspect of a blood test that is critical, especially for an older dog. A test showing an even slightly elevated ALT is very serious and she recommends using supplements that offer essential liver support like Denamarin, with a long track […]

Cat Crazy #1016 (12-02-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (12-02-2013) #1016: What are the top 3 medical problems a simple blood test can reveal? Are you avoiding going to the vet to get this vital information? Dr. Elizabeth talks about how Feliway can be a game-changer. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL