Pica is a Problem: Your Cat Eats Weird Non-Food Items

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (07-20-2022) #0101: Dr. Mikel Delgado and Tracie discuss the phenomenon of cats eating non-food items, which is often a compulsion issue. Sometimes it’s the result of stress or boredom but may be a sign of underlying anxiety which might require medication from the veterinarian. MP3 Audio […]

Is a Quiet Cat a Happy Cat?

Is a Quiet Cat a Happy Cat? Myth #1 about cats: A still, quiet cat is a content cat. We’ve all gotten used to the image of cats adopting a sphinx-like pose, all tucked up, staring off into space in a mysterious, meditative way. We’ve come to believe (or want to think) this means they […]

Cat Activity Puzzle

Cat Activity Puzzle: Bored Kitty? Give Her a High-Paying Job! If your cat is stuck in the life-saving, indoors-only lifestyle you can bet she is bored to distraction. This is true even if she is lucky enough to have a fully enclosed outdoor “catio” — because even that has its limitations on offering something for […]