New “Living Creatures” Film Festival

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (04-09-2016) #468: Jacqui Lofaro (Southampton Take 2 documentary film festival director) is bringing a new movie-going experience to the East End April 17 at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor: “For the Joy of Spring & Love of All Living Creatures” film festival featuring the famed Cat Video Festival content; […]

Pet Cancer Vet #2040 (02-23-2015): Dog breeds that lose toes to cancer

Pet Cancer Vet (02-23-2015) #2040: Barbara in Brooklyn is a Giant schnauzer rescuer, who has had many dogs who have lost toes to cancer. One of her current Giants, Heiki, has now lost five toes to cancer, but she knows another Giant Schnauzer rescuer with a dog who lost 11 toes! Because of the genetic […]