Asian Cats—What Makes Them Special and Different?

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (10-12-2022) #0113: Mikel and Tracie discuss the types of cats known as Asians — Orientals, Siamese, Tonkinese, Turkish angora, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Japanese Bobtail, Persians, and Burmese. The Siamese is among the foundation stock of several other breeds developed by crossbreeding with other cats; the long-haired […]

Lymphoma in a Young Cat

Pet Cancer Vet (10-24-2016) #2060: Sally calls about her Blue Russian, Celica Blue, a two-year-old kitty who threw up her breakfast — and by that night Sally believed something was really wrong and took her to the ER vet. The shock was that young as she was, the pussy cat had lymphoma. Dr. Sue explains […]

Diabetes in Cats Man-Made Problem

The Expert Vet (09-14-2015) #5043: Diabetes in cats are a man-made problem. Cats have gone from the barnyard to the backyard to the bedroom — and they have gone from eating mice to eating “kitty crack,” as Tracie calls all dry cat food. Some cats are naturally at risk for diabetes — Russian Blue, Siamese […]